The Overlooked Subgenre of Hip Hop


Hip Hop has been around since the late 70s with the first ever recorded song being Sugar Hill Gang’s, “Rapper’s Delight.” Since the release of “Rapper’s Delight,” Hip Hop has expanded into so many different subgenres like: Trap, Gangsta Rap, Crunk, Chopped and Screwed and so many others. One of the most influential subgenres that I feel is being overlooked is Christian Hip Hop. Christian Hip Hop, to me, is hip hop that gives praise to God. The lyrics are clean and talk about faith. This may sound like a generic definition, but it is an amazing subgenre to listen to. I remember I was skeptical of listening to Christian Hip Hop because I thought that it wasn’t going to be as good as mainstream.

In the summer of 2016, I decided to do a cleanse of secular music to see if I could notice any difference in what I was listening to. Through this secular cleanse, I started listening to only Gospel music. At the time my friend was also doing the secular music cleanse and told me to check out some Christian Hip Hop. She gave me some artists to listen to like: Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Alex Faith and Dre Murray. Through my cleanse, I found music from not only Lecrae and Andy but also Bizzle, Tedashii and Reconcile. What I found so inspirational about this subgenre of hip hop is the positive message it spreads. 

Christian Hip Hip does talk about issues that the other areas of hip hop discuss, only it gives glory and light to God. After doing the secular cleanse, I did notice a significant change in myself and so did others. Some songs that I used to listen to I couldn’t listen to anymore because of the explicit content and the negative message. I’m not saying that all of Hip Hop is negative and bad, but what you listen to can influence your mind set and how you view others and your feelings. I have below some songs that I listened to during my secular cleanse. I hope that they will inspire you as they inspired me.

I’m sure that we all have heard the saying that music is the universal language. The spread of Christian Hip Hop will spread the Word of God to not only people in the United States, but also all over the world. This new way of evangelism will definitely bring peace to those who are believers and those who are not. This music doesn’t shove or push you to believe in God but it testifies the power of God and explains what He can do.  


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